Peter Kooij | Feed the Horse II
linocut, 13 x 11 cm, 2019

Peter Kooij is a Dutch artist. He works in different techniques. Linocuts alternate with gray pencil and color by acrylic or oil paint. Men are a major theme in his work. Topics and materials can inspire him to create a series. For example poems and prose written by others, that he combines with linocuts in handmade booklets.

The linocut series ‘Feed the horse!’ is based on a same named performance at the opening of an exhibition, June 2019, near the Belgian artists’ village Sint-Martens-Latem. ‘Two naked man have naked horses.’

The series ‘Golden men’ follows the material. First there was the ‘golden’ tableware, found next to a trash can. The saucers became the carrier of small paintings.

In the works ‘Golden window’ the picture-frame is an integral part of the artwork, connecting two worlds. Perhaps it can allow connection with viewers, who at first sight don’t want to see the subject. So it can create a golden window of opportunity.