Maurice Nuiten | We used to share the same Reflection
photograph, 2018

Nobody asked if you wanted to be born. For Maurice Nuiten life exists of moments. Moments that define your freedom. Moments that define your existence.
We are here and now but this is not a moment that will stay with us forever. Nuiten wants us to see the moments that he encounters and with this he wants us to feel his truth. Inspired by his personal life and the absurd he makes us feel a friction between the world and himself and the struggle he makes within this life.

He doesn’t make any great (political) statements with his work. What we see is more subtle and poetic, it is within the directness in the work that gives the viewer a feeling of discomfort. Nuiten uses the reappearing image of his body as a tool.

We can see by the use of different lens based media, performance, installation and text that this is part of his explorations. This gives him the opportunity to explore a broader field within the conditions of our existence.

Nuiten is telling us all the uncomfortable truth.