Jorg Rautenberg | Franck Danican
oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm, 2017

Since 2012 I have been painting pictures, in which men play a central role and also erotic aspects are not neglected.

In my works I deal with topics that I have observed from different perspectives and which I would like to bring closer to the viewers.

Triggers are often social- or sociopolitical aspects, for example, when it comes to the acceptance of certain behaviors that do not seem to be role- or age-appropriate, but taboo matters also stimulate my imagination. This might create images that can be considered as critical. My main objective, however, is the transformation of a problem in a positive feeling.

Often the protagonists in my pictures stand for freedom in thinking and acting. They should take the observers by the hand and show them comprehensively how liberating border crossings can be, regarding personality development and imposed behavioral patterns.

My intension is not to shock the viewer with pictures – sometimes dramatic pictures are needed. Beside explicit erotic signals, the people in my pictures subliminally or obviously communicate their feelings: demanding, sensual, erotic, delighted.

My pictures should be an appeal for more social acceptance and show that diversity is not a threat but enrichment. In my opinion, attention, care and love are fundamental rights for all people. And that’s what my pictures should stand for.