Jack Zweers | rood blauw 3
wall paint and bodypaint, photograph, variable sizes

This year I graduated at the college of applied photography in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Vivid shapes appeal to me. From childhood I draw shapes regularly. The repetitive decorative aspect of patterns can be applied to the human body very well. I prefer to photograph the male body and for this purpose I treat it as a canvas.

Preparing the background is time consuming, it takes usually a couple of days. On a paper background I paint the shapes with special colored wall paint. Every shoot has its own design. This design repeats on the models body with grime.

Griming shapes on the male body takes about four hours. The model has to stand on his feet all the time and this has a certain meditative effect. If the result satisfies both of us the shoot starts.

The combination of the colored grimed body and the painted shaped background connects with each other. The nude male body is distracted from its sexuality. Some people describe it as ‘gender neutral’.