Fedya Ili | Naked Berlin Series, Robert Royal
polaroid, 2016

‘Naked Berlin’ is following the same concept as ‘Naked Petersburg’. The statements aren’t that different from those of the Russian men. Obviously the treacherous security of one of Europe’s gay capitals, Berlin, is about to abscond. The dystopia of the gay mens community is noticeable. The artist threw a cast shadow of a random situation at the present. And he had chosen men, who are usually not in the focus of glitter and glamour of todays lifestyle mags and portals.

Robert Royal:
I’ve lived here for 3 months. I know Berlin from before, but only for partying. I can’t say where am I in a few years. Maybe I go to London next week and live there. Who knows. My aim is to work as a stylist but I cannot say, maybe in the future I want to do different things in the fashion industry, but I’m not sure. So I keep my mind open.