Edgar Saillen | Arthur II
oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm, 2015

Edgar Saillen’s current work consists of body portraits using chiaroscuro technique in order to sublimate the beauty of the male body.
My painting at this moment is essentially focused upon the rendering of the human body. I seek to place myself in a confront with beauty, as well as to something which belongs to desire. The nudity of my models is extremely important to me.

That the model is nude demonstrates that they have ‘let go,’ and this allows me to seek beauty through the flesh, and to reveal to the viewer their own desires.

Choosing my models happens in fact through encounters. It is true that I choose my models because there is something that I like - that I must like - for me to have a wish to paint them. So this first begins with the appearance, then very quickly it becomes more about what the person conveys... which gives me the desire to want to paint them or not.

My painting technique is a traditional one. It is oil-based painting, It’s a prolonged technique and one that is alive. I like to spend weeks, if not months, working on a single painting. The nature of time is very important to me. I practice painting as I practice meditation: It is a practice which leads one to center themselves, to concentrate, and to step out of time. To practice an art is to escape from time.